Reviews of “There Goes the Neighborhood”

“A powerful portrait of a changing nation.”

RON BROWNSTEIN, senior editor, the Atlantic, and senior political analyst, CNN

“This is an essential book to understand the fear, challenges, and opportunities on both sides of the immigration debate. ‘Elections matter. Culture matters more,’ writes Ali Noorani. He’s right. Nothing will change until ‘white America sees changes to their neighborhoods as a net positive to their lives.’ This book, in many ways, explains why Trump won the election and why an honest debate on immigration is urgent. Your neighborhood depends on it.”

JORGE RAMOS, senior news anchor, Noticiero Univision and America with Jorge Ramos

“There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country—they are a part of our daily lives, working hard to improve America. They are not so different from us. We are all immigrants or children of immigrants (if we look back to some point in our family’s past) who are trying to find a place to belong, and we all deserve that chance to belong. In There Goes the Neighborhood, Ali Noorani opens our eyes to this reality and helps us understand that the debate on immigration is not a problem for us to fix but an opportunity for us to seize.”

JOSÉ ANDRÉS, chef/owner of Minibar by José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup

“Political paralysis has stymied commonsense reforms to our immigration system for more than a decade. But as Noorani illuminates, the desire for a functional, humane system runs deep and has drawn nontraditional allies to the reform effort. Noorani brings to life the perspectives of law-enforcement, business, and faith leaders who view immigrants as vital community members who fuel our economy and enrich our culture. The courage and wisdom demonstrated by these leaders inspires us all.”

LAURENE POWELL JOBS, president, Emerson Collective

“Ali Noorani has brought unlikely allies together in faith, law enforcement, and business communities to find common ground on the complex issue of immigration, helping neighborhoods adjust to, and even embrace, their changing identities and welcome newcomers eager to contribute to our nation’s economy. This is must-reading for all Americans who want to understand where we go from here, and why we must continue to be a nation of immigrants to make America truly great.”

BILL RICHARDSON, former governor of New Mexico, US ambassador to the United Nations, and US Secretary of Energy

“Noorani goes beyond the rhetoric to examine all sides of the immigration debate. Now, more than ever, we must harness the resource of immigration to ensure that America continues to be the most innovative and entrepreneurial nation. Noorani shows how we can adapt to changing demographics for the good of the nation, without giving in to fear.”

STEVE CASE, chairman and CEO of Revolution, and author of The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future

“Ali Noorani has managed the impossible with his new book: giving hope that the immigration wars we’ve fought over the last few decades can be peacefully resolved—one person, one neighborhood, one community at a time. The book is rich in detail about the real people most of us see only through statistics. Never was a book more needed than this one is now.”

LINDA CHAVEZ, former Reagan White House official and president of the Becoming American Institute

“During this period in which some of the latent, dark elements of our national character are once again coming to light, Ali Noorani’s effort to appeal to our ‘better angels’ in this book is an important step to help engage in a constructive conversation on the issue of immigration.”

GREG ZOELLER, Indiana attorney general, 2009–2017