“This is sort of a memoir, sort of a journal, sort of a policy prescription. But his message is strong and valid.”

-Steven V. Roberts, The Washington Post

Read the full review here.

“More than anything There Goes the Neighborhood highlights the people behind the political debates. Not only does it show the broad picture of the policies, but also in minute detail the faces of those who are affected on a daily basis by them. He searches into his arsenal of stories to bring us the everyday heroes of immigration reform, and the men and women—and children—who are impacted.”

-Saadia Faruqi, New York Journal of Books

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“If you have family members or friends who are unsure of (or opposed to) immigration and refugee resettlement, I would highly recommend offering to read There Goes the Neighborhood with them in order to begin a conversation about how we can all support immigration while still remaining true to our cultural, political, and religious values.”

-Tabitha McDuffee, Faith and Forced Migration

Read the full review here. 


“Throughout the book, Noorani reminds us all—vegetable farmers to tech engineers, culturally isolated coastal liberals and middle American conservatives, residents of big cities and small towns—that diversity is both difficult and important.

Solid advice for an anxious and angry polity on how to talk about a growing cultural challenge.”

-Kirkus Reviews

Read the full review here.

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