What Quest Gives You 4 Extra Badges in 2K23?

In the immersive gaming experience of NBA 2k23, players are constantly seeking ways to elevate their virtual basketball prowess and acquire an advantage on their MyCareer journey. One coveted opportunity lies within the "Welcome to the League" quest, a formidable challenge that grants players four extra badges upon successful completion. The path to obtaining these badges requires diligent efforts on the court, as players must compete in five NBA games and amass a cumulative total of 60 points, assists, blocks, rebounds, and steals. This quest not only demands exceptional gameplay skills but also entails a pivotal encounter with renowned reporter John Luck, adding a layer of narrative depth to the quest.

How Do You Get +4 Badges in NBA 2K23 Next Gen?

In NBA 2K23 Next Gen, obtaining the coveted +4 badges can significantly enhance your players abilities and performance on the court. These badges provide a distinct advantage by boosting specific attributes and skills. To unlock these extra badges, you must complete certain requirements and objectives in the game.

One method to acquire the +4 badges is through progressing in the “Welcome to the League” quest. This quest demands that you participate in five NBA games while accumulating a total of 60 points, assists, blocks, rebounds, and steals combined. By excelling in these areas, you not only contribute to your teams success but also increase your chances of unlocking the additional badges.

However, progressing through the games isn’t the only criteria to unlock the +4 badges. Another vital step is meeting with reporter John Luck. This encounter is crucial in advancing your storyline and accessing the extra badges. Ensure that you prioritize this meeting and provide insightful responses to maximize your chances of acquiring these valuable badges.

Furthermore, it’s important to evaluate your players performance during the games. By focusing on specific areas where your performance may be lacking, such as scoring, assisting, or defensive plays, you can consistently improve your performances and increase your chances of obtaining the +4 badges.

To excel in NBA 2K23 MyCareer, it’s essential to not only meet the quest requirements but also aim for consistency and excellence in all aspects of the game. By efficiently utilizing your players skills and developing a strong understanding of the game mechanics, you can dominate the court and earn those coveted +4 badges.

Strategies for Improving Scoring, Assisting, Blocking, Rebounding, and Stealing in NBA 2K23 Next Gen.

  • Focus on player attributes and ratings
  • Practice timing and accuracy
  • Utilize different defensive formations
  • Study opponent tendencies
  • Communicate and work as a team
  • Master dribbling moves and shot release
  • Develop court awareness and positioning
  • Learn to read and anticipate passes
  • Improve agility and speed with training drills
  • Utilize player badges and signature skills


In NBA 2k23 MyCareer, players can obtain four extra badges by successfully completing the "Welcome to the League" quest. This quest requires the player to participate in five NBA games and accumulate a total of 60 points, assists, blocks, rebounds, and steals. Additionally, players must also engage in a meeting with reporter John Luck. This quest serves as an exciting challenge and opportunity for players to showcase their skills and dedication. By successfully completing these objectives, players can acquire four additional badges that can significantly enhance their gameplay and overall performance in NBA 2k23. So, lace up your virtual sneakers, hit the court, and strive to conquer the challenges presented by the "Welcome to the League" quest to unlock these valuable badges and elevate your MyCareer experience.