What Is the Difference Between WWE 2K23 Lock and Legacy?

In the realm of professional wrestling video games, the WWE 2K series has been capturing the attention of fans worldwide for years. With each new installment, players are treated to immersive gameplay and the opportunity to step into the larger-than-life shoes of their favorite wrestlers. The upcoming WWE 2K23 brings forth two intriguing modes that offer unique experiences to players – The Legacy and The Lock. In The Legacy, players will assume the role of a female second-generation wrestler, reminiscent of the incredible talents like Charlotte Flair. This mode will take players on an enthralling journey, starting from the humble position of a rookie trainee and working their way up to achieving superstardom within the WWE. On the other hand, The Lock introduces a male varsity athlete eager to make his mark in the WWE hype machine. This mode aims to provide players with an inside look into the trials and tribulations faced by rising stars as they navigate their way through the world of professional wrestling. With these two distinct modes, WWE 2K23 promises to offer an array of exhilarating experiences and captivate players in the unique narratives woven into the game.

What Is the Legacy and Lock in WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23, the latest installment in the popular wrestling video game franchise, introduces an intriguing feature known as Legacy and Lock. This mode offers players the opportunity to experience the journeys of two different characters within the WWE universe. The Legacy follows the path of a determined and ambitious Diva striving to carve her place in the competitive world of professional wrestling. On the other hand, The Lock centers around a male rookie, allowing players to witness his rise from obscurity to becoming a renowned WWE superstar.

In these intertwining storylines, WWE 2K23 players are required to navigate through various challenges, rivalries, and triumphs to unlock a total of five unique Superstars. However, the catch is that these characters arent all readily available. In fact, four out of the five Superstars can be missed if players fail to fulfill certain criteria while progressing through the Legacy and Lock modes. This adds an element of excitement and replayability, as players must be attentive and diligent in order to unlock each character and fully appreciate the breadth of content the game has to offer.

They’ll be faced with the challenge of overcoming obstacles such as fierce competitors, backstage politics, and demanding authority figures. The path to success is no walk in the park for the aspiring Diva, but it rewards players with an in-depth narrative and an unforgettable journey.

In contrast, The Lock puts players in the shoes of a male rookie. Beginning with humble beginnings, players must prove themselves in the lower ranks of the WWE, working their way up the ladder to win championships and gain the respect of their peers and fans. The Lock offers a fresh perspective on the world of professional wrestling, showcasing the trials and tribulations rookies face as they strive to make their mark in the industry.

The missable characters add an element of strategy and attentiveness to the gameplay, encouraging players to fully immerse themselves in the Legacy and Lock modes to ensure they don’t miss out on any content.

Unlockable Arenas or Match Types: Can Players Unlock New Arenas or Match Types as They Progress Through Legacy and Lock Modes?

  • Unlockable arenas or match types: Can players unlock new arenas or match types as they progress through Legacy and Lock modes?

Luis Bermudez is the talented voice behind the character known as The Lock in WWE 2K2With his unique vocal abilities and dedication to the role, Bermudez brings life and authenticity to this popular video game character. Fans can expect a captivating performance that adds a whole new dimension to the WWE gaming experience.

Who Plays the Lock in WWE 2K23?

In WWE 2K23, the character known as The Lock is voiced by none other than Luis Bermudez. With his captivating voice and immense talent, Bermudez brings The Lock to life, enthralling players as they dive into the exhilarating world of professional wrestling. Known for his versatility and ability to portray characters with depth and intensity, Bermudez is a perfect fit for the enigmatic and fierce persona of The Lock.

Bermudezs commanding voice resonates with authority, adding an extra layer of intimidation to The Locks already imposing presence. Whether it’s during intense promos, in-ring rivalries, or dramatic cutscenes, Bermudezs delivery captivates players, making them fully invested in The Locks journey within the game.

The Locks words and actions are meant to leave players questioning his motives and unraveling the secrets behind his persona.

His exceptional vocal control allows him to seamlessly transition between moments of intense rage and quiet introspection, making The Lock a complex and compelling character within the game.

In addition to the 4 unlockable characters, players can also earn various in-game rewards and enhancements such as different costumes, signature moves, and unique abilities for their created character in MyRise mode. These unlockables add an extra layer of excitement and personalization to the gameplay experience.

What Unlockables Are in My Rise WWE 2K23?

As you progress through the MyRise mode, you can also unlock additional arenas and match types to enhance your gameplay experience. Unlockable arenas include classic WWE venues like Madison Square Garden and the Royal Rumble arena, as well as unique locations such as an underground fighting arena and a futuristic wrestling dome.

In addition to arenas, you can also unlock a variety of championship belts and customizations for your created superstar. These include different designs, logos, and even personalized entrance animations. Giving your character a unique look and feel.

One of the most exciting unlockables in MyRise mode is the ability to create your own pay-per-view event. You’ve the freedom to choose the name, logo, theme, and match card for your very own WWE show. From championship matches to tag team showdowns, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to play out your dream pay-per-view event.

To unlock these various unlockables, you must complete specific objectives and challenges within the MyRise mode. These objectives often involve winning matches, earning high ratings, and achieving certain milestones. The more you progress and achieve in the mode, the more unlockables you’ll uncover.

Overall, MyRise mode in WWE 2K23 offers a multitude of unlockables that enrich your gaming experience and allow you to personalize your gameplay. From new characters and arenas to customizations and pay-per-view creations, there’s always something to strive for while playing this mode. So, get ready to embark on your journey and unlock the hidden treasures that await you in MyRise mode in WWE 2K23.


In Legacy, players assume the role of a determined female wrestler seeking to prove her mettle in a male-dominated industry, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles to become a prominent figure in the WWE. While both games offer thrilling wrestling experiences, they present distinct narratives that cater to diverse perspectives, ensuring a rich and immersive gaming experience for wrestling enthusiasts.

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