What Is the Best Takeover Perk in NBA 2K23 Current Gen?

In the ever-evolving world of basketball video games, one of the most crucial elements for players to master is the Takeover feature. Introduced in the 2K series, Takeover allows players to harness their inner superstar and dominate the game in unique ways. However, with the release of 2K23 on current gen consoles, the question arises: which is the best Takeover perk? Among the options available, three stand out: Juice, Stay Warm, and Accelerator. The Juice perk grants an additional boost to attributes when Takeover is activated, essentially elevating your player's skills to new heights. On the other hand, Stay Warm ensures that your Takeover meters won't drain as quickly when you aren’t performing at your best, giving you a chance to recover and make a comeback. Lastly, the Accelerator perk fills up your Takeover meters at a faster rate when you’re performing well on the court, allowing you to unleash your Takeover abilities more frequently. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and play style, as each perk offers it’s own unique advantages. So, lace up your virtual sneakers, hit the court, and make your decision wisely, as the best Takeover perk in 2K23 could be the key to unlocking your full potential on the digital hardwood.

What Is the Best Takeover in 2K23 Current Gen?

When it comes to selecting the best takeover in 2K23 for current-gen consoles, it’s important to consider how each takeover benefits a specific playstyle. Heres how we’d rank the various takeovers available:

At the top of the list is the Post Scorer takeover, which greatly enhances a players abilities in the paint. With this takeover, youll have an edge when it comes to scoring down low, making post moves, and overpowering defenders with physicality. It’s an excellent choice for players who excel in the post and want to dominate inside.

The Spot Up Shooter takeover is another fantastic option, particularly for players who thrive on catch-and-shoot opportunities. This takeover significantly boosts shooting abilities, allowing you to hit shots consistently from beyond the arc and become a deadly threat from deep. It’s perfect for those who love to spot up or play as sharpshooters.

Coming in next is the Slasher takeover, a favorite for players who rely on explosive athleticism and finishing at the rim. This takeover improves driving layups and dunks, giving you a higher chance of scoring in traffic or posterizing opponents. If you love slashing to the basket and finishing with authority, this is the takeover for you.

For those who value rebounding and interior defense, the Glass Cleaner takeover is an excellent choice. It enhances your rebounding abilities, making you more dominant on the boards, while also increasing your shot-blocking prowess. This takeover is perfect for centers and power forwards who enjoy controlling the paint.

The Lockdown Defender takeover is a must-have for players who prioritize defense and locking down opponents. It boosts your defensive attributes, allowing you to guard multiple positions effectively, intercept passes, and disrupt the offense. This takeover is ideal for perimeter defenders who want to make life difficult for their opponents.

Finally, we’ve the Playmaker takeover, which greatly enhances a players passing and playmaking abilities. With this takeover, youll have improved passing accuracy, better handles, and increased vision on the court. It’s an excellent takeover for players who love setting up their teammates and orchestrating the offense.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your preferred playstyle and the role you want to fulfill on the court.

The Sharpshooter Takeover: This Takeover Could Be Added to the List, Specifically for Players Who Excel at Shooting From Any Range and Want to Be a Constant Threat on Offense With Their Shooting Ability.

The Sharpshooter takeover is a special ability in basketball, designed for players who’re exceptional shooters and want to consistently dominate on offense. It allows them to be a constant threat from any distance on the court.


In the ever-evolving landscape of basketball gaming, the quest for the best takeover perk in 2K23 current gen continues to captivate players worldwide. Among the contenders, three perks have emerged as potential game-changers: Juice, Stay Warm, and Accelerator. Juice, with it’s ability to provide an additional boost to attributes during Takeover activation, holds immense appeal for those seeking an extra edge on the court. Meanwhile, Stay Warm presents a compelling alternative, offering relief by slowing down the depletion of takeover meters when performance falters, enabling players to have a fighting chance even during a slump. And then there's Accelerator, an enticing option that promises the rapid accumulation of takeover meters through exceptional gameplay, ultimately leading to the coveted attainment of Takeover status. Each perk possesses it’s unique charm, catering to various playstyles and strategies. Determining the best perk in 2K23 ultimately boils down to personal preference, as players must consider their individual strengths, weaknesses, and desired gameplay dynamics. Whether one seeks explosive attributes, resilience in the face of adversity, or swift takeover progression, finding the ideal perk is a subjective journey that enhances the immersion and excitement of the game. Embrace the choice, explore the possibilities, and let your takeover prowess flourish in the virtual courts of 2K23.