What Does the +1 Mean on Skyscanner?

What Does the +1 Mean on Google Flights?

The +1 on Google Flights is essentially a way to indicate that your flight arrival time corresponds to the following day. It denotes a slight delay in your arrival, usually due to travel across multiple time zones or an overnight journey. Similarly, if it shows +2, it signifies a two-day delay in your arrival.

This feature on Google Flights plays a significant role in providing you with accurate and convenient information about your travel plans. It helps you understand the actual duration of your journey and plan your itineraries accordingly. By keeping track of the +1 or +2, you can avoid confusion and ensure that you reach your intended destination when you anticipate.

Although the +1 may seem initially perplexing, it’s a useful element that allows you to better understand your flight details at a glance. Whether you’re just browsing for potential destinations or finalizing your travel arrangements, the +1 notification serves as a helpful tool for managing your itinerary seamlessly.

This information is crucial in accurately planning and understanding your travel schedule, enabling you to navigate seamlessly through different time zones and reach your desired destination without any confusion or surprises.

How Can Travelers Use the +1 or +2 Feature on Google Flights to Plan Their Itineraries?

  • Open Google Flights
  • Enter your departure and arrival destinations
  • Choose your desired travel dates
  • Click on the “+1” or “+2” button
  • Google Flights will generate itineraries for an additional day or two
  • Review the suggested flights and prices
  • Select the itinerary that suits your needs
  • Continue with the booking process
  • Consider using the +1 or +2 feature to extend your trip and explore more
  • Enjoy your travel planning with Google Flights!


In conclusion, the presence of the "+1" on Skyscanner is a unique feature that indicates an overnight layover, in which the passenger isn’t in the air at midnight local time. While other travel websites like Kayak or ITA's matrix may not utilize this convention, it’s clear that Skyscanner aims to provide helpful and transparent information to it’s users. Paying attention to these details can greatly assist travelers, particularly those embarking on West-bound trans-pacific flights, in planning their itineraries effectively.