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Harry Potter is a beloved character from the popular book and movie series of the same name. He is known for his bravery, loyalty, and magical abilities. But what does Harry Potter smell like? Many fans have speculated that he smells like a combination of freshly cut grass, warm butterbeer, and the sweet smell of magic. This unique scent is said to be comforting and inviting, and it is no wonder why so many people are drawn to the world of Harry Potter.

If one were to imagine what the Harry Potter characters would smell like, what would it be?

The wizarding world of harry potter is full of unique and interesting characters, each with their own unique scent. From Draco Malfoys Mahogany Apple to Queenie Goldsteins Champagne Apple & Honey, each character has a scent that perfectly captures their personality. Whether youre looking for a cozy scent like Remus Lupins Hot Cocoa & Cream or a more adventurous scent like Fred and George Weasleys Marshmallow Fireside, theres a candle scent for every Wizarding World character. With these scents, you can bring the magic of the Wizarding World into your home.

What does Harry smell like?

it is clear that harry styles is not only a talented singer and actor, but he also has a great sense of style and smell. His friend Lizzo has even gone as far as to say that he smells like soap. This is a testament to his attention to detail and his commitment to looking and smelling his best. Harry Styles is a great example of someone who takes pride in their appearance and is an inspiration to many.

What is the scent of Harry Potter’s Amortentia?

The smell of treacle tart, broomstick handle, and ginny weasleys perfume brought back fond memories for harry potter. He was reminded of the time he spent with his friends at the Burrow, and the adventures they had together. Ginny was a loyal friend and a brave witch, and Harry was grateful to have her in his life. The smell of her perfume was a reminder of the bond they shared and the magical moments they experienced together.

What is the scent of Draco Malfoy?

The recent release of the mahogany apple candle from bath & body works has been a hit among draco malfoy fans. The candle is said to smell like the beloved character, and has been in high demand since its release.

The Mahogany Apple candle from Bath & Body Works has been a great success among Draco Malfoy fans. The candle is said to smell like the beloved character, and has been in high demand since its release. It is a great way for fans to show their love and appreciation for the character, and it is sure to be a popular item for years to come.

What is the scent of Hermione Granger?

Hermione granger is a complex character, and her ideal scent is a reflection of her personality. Grass, parchment, and spearmint are all scents that evoke a sense of nature, knowledge, and freshness. These scents are perfect for Hermione, as they represent her love of nature, her intelligence, and her refreshingly honest personality. Hermione Granger is a beloved character, and her ideal scent is a perfect representation of her unique and admirable qualities.


Harry's unique scent of treacle tart and pumpkin juice is a reminder of the magical world he comes from. It is a comforting scent that brings back memories of the adventures he has had and the friends he has made. It is a reminder of the courage and strength he has shown throughout his journey. Harry's treacle tart and pumpkin juice scent is a reminder of the power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what is right.