How to Play 5 Out in NBA 2K22: A Comprehensive Guide

The concept of 5 out in NBA 2K22 is a game strategy widely utilized by players to create optimal spacing on the court. It involves positioning all five players on the perimeter, aiming to stretch the defense and allow for better driving lanes and open shots. By strategically setting up your team, you can create a versatile offensive system that confuses opponents and opens up opportunities for scoring. However, it’s essential to understand the intricacies and execution of this strategy to maximize it’s effectiveness.

What Does 5 Out in Basketball Mean?

The concept of “5 out” in basketball refers to an offensive strategy where all five players on the team remain positioned outside the three-point line. This formation aims to spread out the defense and open up the court for various offensive options. To efficiently execute this strategy, each offensive player must occupy one of the five spots on the perimeter, maintaining spacing and readiness to shoot or move.

This formation aims to spread the defense, create driving lanes, and provide passing opportunities. It encourages ball movement, quick decision-making, and utilizes the strengths of players with shooting skills, speed, and basketball intelligence. By employing this approach, teams can effectively exploit defensive weaknesses and create scoring opportunities both inside and outside the paint.

In addition, 4 pops out to the wing for a potential three-point shot. If both options aren’t available, 3 can either take the open shot, drive to the basket, or pass it to 4 on the wing for another scoring opportunity. This offensive strategy requires constant movement and communication among teammates to create open scoring possibilities. The 5 out offense allows for flexibility and fluidity, making it difficult for the defense to anticipate and defend against.

How Do You Score a 5 Out Offense?

Once 2 receives the ball from 3, 4 immediately sets a down screen for 1, allowing 1 to cut to the corner or perimeter. At this point, 2 has the option to pass to either 1 or 4, who may have gained separation from their defender due to the screen. If neither option is available, 2 can dribble penetrate and either finish at the rim or kick out to an open teammate.

Alternatively, if 2 passes to 1 in the corner, 3 can cut off the screen set by 4 and receive a pass from From here, 2 can set a back screen for 4, who can pop out to the perimeter or cut to the basket. 3 has the option to pass to either 4 or 2, depending on the defensive rotations and positioning of their teammates.

To score effectively in the 5 out offense, it’s crucial for the players to be constantly moving and screening for each other. This keeps the defense on their toes and creates opportunities for open shots and drives to the basket.

Additionally, good spacing is essential to the success of the 5 out offense. Players must maintain proper positioning on the perimeter, allowing for effective screening and cutting actions. This spacing also prevents defenders from collapsing into the paint, opening up driving lanes for the offense.

Communication is also key in the 5 out offense. Players need to communicate effectively to ensure proper timing and execution of the various screening and cutting actions. This allows for seamless ball movement and scoring opportunities.

In addition to the popular Park game mode in NBA 2K21, players also have the option to engage in fast-paced matchups against their friends. While competing against each other, gamers can control a single NBA player or even an entire team of up to five players at once. This thrilling game mode mirrors the intensity of the Park mode, as it allows continuous gameplay without any timeouts or substitutions.

Can 5 People Play NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21, a popular basketball video game, offers an exciting multiplayer experience for friends looking to take on each other on the virtual court. When competing against a friend, the game allows you to control a team of NBA players, ranging from 1 to 5 players at a time. This dynamic game mode ensures that players can engage in intense and fast-paced action, resembling the competitive atmosphere of the Park mode.

Playing with a full team of five brings a new dimension of strategy and coordination to the game. With each player controlling an individual NBA player, teamwork becomes crucial in order to outplay and outscore the opposing team. This mode eliminates the concept of time outs and substitutions, forcing players to utilize their skills to their fullest potential without any breaks in the action.

The absence of time outs and substitutions further intensifies the gameplay, requiring players to stay focused and adapt to the ever-changing situation on the court. This fast-paced nature keeps the adrenaline pumping and ensures that there’s never a dull moment in the game. It also promotes quick decision-making and forces players to think on their feet, enhancing the overall competitiveness.

Strategies for Playing With a Full Team of Five in NBA 2K21

When playing NBA 2K21 with a full team of five players, it’s important to adopt effective strategies to maximize your chances of winning. Firstly, communication among teammates is key to coordinate plays and defensive strategies. Utilize pick-and-roll plays, where one player sets a screen for the ball handler, to create scoring opportunities. Have a balanced offensive approach by involving all players and exploiting their strengths. Defensively, employ a mix of man-to-man and zone defenses to keep opponents guessing. Lastly, make sure to manage player stamina to avoid fatigue and potential injuries.

Transition: In order to effectively combat a zone defense while running the 5-Out Motion Offense, teams must be equipped with the necessary strategies to counter and attack this alternative defensive approach.

Does 5 Out Work Against a Zone?

When teams opt to play a zone defense against the 5-Out Motion Offense, it presents a different challenge for the offensive team. While the 5-Out can still be utilized against a zone, it requires some adjustments and specific strategies to counter the defensive approach effectively.

Attacking the high post can also be an effective strategy against a zone defense. By having a player positioned in the high post area, they can act as a facilitator and create opportunities for others. The high post player can receive the ball, draw in defenders, and then make accurate passes to teammates cutting or spotting up for shots.

Penetration is yet another effective method of countering a zone defense. By having players attack the gaps in the zone and drive towards the basket, they can collapse the defense and create scoring opportunities either at the rim or by kicking the ball out to open shooters.

Lastly, utilizing screening actions can help break down a zone defense. By setting screens on the zones defenders, offensive players can create confusion and openings. This can lead to easy baskets or open shots for their teammates.

Strategic adjustments such as proper spacing, ball movement, attacking the high post, penetration, and screening actions can all be utilized to counter the zone and find success.

Source: 5-Out or Open Post Motion Offense – Hoops King

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The player count for NBA 2K22 has been fluctuating over the past few months, with an average of 2,869 players and a peak of 5,880 in the last 30 days. In June 2023, the average player count increased to 3,454.3 with a peak of 6,486. The player count reached it’s highest point in May 2023 with an average of 3,940.3 players and a peak of 7,987. In April 2023, the average player count was 3,716.7 with a peak of 7,280.

How Many Players Are on NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22, the popular basketball video game, has attracted a consistent player base since it’s release. Over the past few months, the game has garnered a substantial number of players, with an average of 2,869 players taking part in the immersive experience. However, the number of players peaks to an impressive 5,880 during it’s most active periods.

In May 2023, the average number of players rose to 3,940, indicating a noticeable increase in player engagement. Furthermore, the game achieved a peak player count of 7,987, showcasing a significant surge in interest and participation.

Comparison of Player Numbers Between NBA 2K22 and Previous Versions of the Game

  • NBA 2K22: 5 million players
  • NBA 2K21: 4.5 million players
  • NBA 2K20: 4 million players
  • NBA 2K19: 3.5 million players
  • NBA 2K18: 3 million players


By understanding the principles of spacing, ball movement, and player positioning, you can create open lanes for drives and high-percentage scoring opportunities. Additionally, utilizing the strengths of your players, adapting to defensive strategies, and practicing effective communication with teammates will further amplify the effectiveness of your 5-out offense. Remember, success in NBA 2K22 ultimately depends on your ability to adapt and make quick, strategic decisions, so be sure to continuously refine your skills and stay one step ahead of the competition. Happy gaming!