How to Get Jeremy Lin in NBA 2K23

In the realm of basketball video games, the anticipation and excitement for the release of each new edition is always palpable. With each iteration, gamers eagerly await the chance to dominate on the virtual court, showcase their skills, and experience the thrill of playing as their favorite NBA players. For fans of Jeremy Lin, a talented point guard renowned for his underdog story and electrifying gameplay, the desire to bring him to life within the virtual world of 2K23 is undeniable. While the game's default rosters may not feature him initially, there are various strategies and methods that players can employ to unlock and add Jeremy Lin to their teams, ensuring an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. So, step onto the hardwood, as we delve into the realm of virtual basketball and explore how to harness the power of customization to bring Jeremy Lin into the exciting world of 2K23.

Why Wasn T Jeremy Lin Drafted?

Jeremy Lins absence from the NBA draft puzzled many, given his impressive performance in college and the potential highlighted by statistical models. Experts, however, couldnt overlook the fact that Lin didnt fit the conventional mold of an NBA player. With his unassuming physicality and Asian heritage, Lin didnt conform to the stereotypical image of a star athlete, causing doubt among scouts and teams.

Despite statistical analysis suggesting Lin should have been drafted as a first-round pick, Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, hesitated. Morey, although intrigued by the data-driven recommendation, couldnt fully trust his models evaluation. This uncertainty surrounding Lins prospects ultimately led to his omission from the draft.

The NBA draft is a complex process, dependent not only on raw talent but also subjective evaluations. Lins underwhelming athleticism and the existing biases within the scouting system likely contributed to his exclusion. Unfortunately, the subjective nature of the draft often affects unconventional players like Lin, making it difficult for them to break through the barriers imposed by traditional expectations.

Ultimately, Lins unorthodox journey to the NBA propelled him towards undrafted free agency, allowing him to prove himself on the court. His remarkable rise with the New York Knicks in 2012, commonly known as “Linsanity,” shattered stereotypes and highlighted his exceptional skills. Lins success demonstrated the limitations of relying solely on traditional scouting methods and emphasized the importance of embracing diversity within the sport.

Lins absence in the draft became a significant talking point, sparking debates on inequities and biases present within talent assessments. However, his subsequent achievements and impact on the sport have furthered the conversation surrounding the need for more inclusive and forward-thinking evaluation methods in professional sports.

However, Lin’s time with the Houston Rockets was not as successful as his run with the New York Knicks. Despite experiencing several ups and downs in his career since then, Lin continues to be a beloved figure among fans worldwide.

Why Did Jeremy Lin Not Get a Contract?

According to Jeremy Lin, his decision to not re-sign with the New York Knicks was influenced by “multiple points of opposition” within the organization. While the exact nature of these points of opposition remains unspecified, it can be inferred that they played a significant role in his departure. Lins remarkable rise to fame during the “Linsanity” phenomenon in 2012 had created immense pressure and expectations for both him and the team.

Ultimately, Jeremy Lin made the decision to sign a three-year deal with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets, at the time, may have offered him a more secure future and a more suitable environment to continue his career development. It’s possible that the Rockets organizational structure and approach catered better to Lins needs and aspirations, making it a more enticing option for him.

The Career Development Opportunities That the Houston Rockets Offered Jeremy Lin, Compared to What the New York Knicks Could Provide.

  • The Houston Rockets offered Jeremy Lin a better chance for career development than the New York Knicks.
  • With the Rockets, Lin had the opportunity to serve as the team’s starting point guard, allowing him to showcase his skills and grow as a player.
  • Additionally, the Rockets had a younger roster and a more favorable system for Lin’s playing style, which provided him with more opportunities to succeed.
  • In contrast, the Knicks already had an established point guard in Raymond Felton, limiting Lin’s playing time and hindering his development.
  • The Rockets also prioritized Lin’s growth and development by giving him a three-year contract worth $25 million, demonstrating their commitment to his future.
  • On the other hand, the Knicks were hesitant to match the Rockets’ offer, indicating a lack of confidence in Lin’s long-term potential.

Jeremy Lin’s basketball career has certainly been one filled with highs and lows, from his breakout “Linsanity” season to his current stint in the P. League+. Fans and enthusiasts might wonder just how much the talented athlete gets paid for his skills and contributions on the court.

How Much Does Jeremy Lin Get Paid?

Jeremy Lins salary varies depending on the team he’s playing for and the terms of his contract. As of 2021, Lin is a player for the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers of the P. League+ in Taiwan. The exact amount of his salary with this team isn’t publicly available, but it’s expected that he receives a significant compensation for his talent and experience.

Before joining the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers, Lin had a successful career playing in various professional leagues around the world. He started his professional basketball journey in the NBA, where he achieved widespread fame and recognition with the New York Knicks during the 2011-2012 season. His impressive performance during this period sparked the “Linsanity” phenomenon, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

During his time in the NBA, Lin earned a substantial salary. In 2012, he signed a three-year contract with the Houston Rockets worth $25 million. He continued to play for multiple NBA teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, and Atlanta Hawks. While his exact earnings for each NBA team aren’t disclosed publicly, it’s safe to assume that he received a significant portion of his salary during this time.

In addition to his NBA career, Lin also played in various professional leagues outside of the United States. For example, he played for the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association, where he’d a significant impact both on and off the court. It’s likely that he received a substantial salary during his time with the Beijing Ducks, given his popularity and skill set.

Following his meteoric rise and unforgettable “Linsanity” era, Jeremy Lin experienced a significant falling-out with the NBA. Despite his remarkable run, Lin publicly expressed his sense of not earning the championship title he was a part of. Unfortunately, during the off-season, the basketball star encountered difficulties in securing a contract as a free agent. Consequently, Lin found himself playing in the G League and later venturing to China. Frustrated with what he deems as premature judgment from the NBA, Lin has faced numerous challenges in his journey to revive his professional basketball career.

Why Did Jeremy Lin Stop Playing?

Jeremy Lin, the talented basketball player known for his meteoric rise to stardom during “Linsanity,” seemingly disappeared from the NBA spotlight. Many wondered why he stopped playing and what led to his falling-out with the league. Lin has now spoken openly about his experiences.

Following Lins astonishing performance during the 2011-2012 season with the New York Knicks, where he captivated fans worldwide, he’d a falling-out with the NBA. Despite his success, Lin has expressed that he didnt feel deserving of the acclaim he received during “Linsanity.”. This self-doubt may have played a role in his decision to step away from the sport temporarily.

The following off-season, Lin had the opportunity to secure a contract as a free agent. However, he struggled to find a team willing to offer him a satisfactory deal. This setback was disheartening for Lin, who believed the NBA had judged him too quickly and failed to recognize the potential he still possessed. Faced with limited options in the NBA, he explored opportunities in the G League and eventually ventured to China to continue his basketball career.


In conclusion, the process of acquiring Jeremy Lin in 2K23 involves thoughtful strategizing, astute player evaluations, and precise negotiation skills. It showcases the dedication and passion of gamers who aim to recreate the thrill of real-life basketball experiences within the virtual realm. While the journey may be challenging, the rewards of having Jeremy Lin on your 2K23 team are immeasurable as his incredible basketball prowess and inspiring underdog story make him a fan favorite. So, arm yourself with persistence, clever tactics, and unwavering determination, and embark on your virtual quest to secure Jeremy Lin's presence in 2K23, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience for all basketball enthusiasts.