How Did Angela Fake The Dna Test – That Will Grant You All

What was the source of Angela’s knowledge about Oscar?

Dwights realization that oscar was the target of angelas anger was a turning point in the story. After overhearing Oscars phone call with Angelas husband, Dwight was able to put the pieces together and understand why Angela was so angry. This moment of clarity allowed Dwight to understand the situation better and to be more sympathetic to Angelas feelings. It also showed Dwight the importance of being aware of the feelings of those around him and how his actions can affect them.


In conclusion, Angela was able to successfully fake the DNA test by using a sample from her own hair. She was able to fool the lab technicians by using a sample that was not her own, but still had the same genetic markers. This allowed her to pass the test and prove her innocence. Although it was a risky move, it ultimately paid off and she was able to prove her innocence.