Goku Vs Kefla Power Level – In Less Than 7 Minutes

What is the maximum power level achieved by Goku?

Gokus super saiyan super saiyan transformation is the highest official power level in dragon ball z, and it is an incredible feat of strength and power. The SSJ abbreviation comes from the Japanese term Sūpā Saiya-jin, and it is a testament to the Japanese roots of the franchise. With this transformation, Goku was able to surpass Frieza and test his limits, showing just how powerful he can be. It is an impressive feat that will be remembered for years to come.

At what level of strength is Goku when he is at full power?

The super saiyan form has become an iconic part of the dragon ball franchise and has been featured in numerous video games, films, and other media. It has become a symbol of strength and power, and has been a source of inspiration for many fans. The Super Saiyan form has allowed Goku to reach heights of power that were previously unimaginable, and has allowed him to defeat powerful enemies such as Kid Buu. With its immense power and potential, the Super Saiyan form is sure to remain a popular part of the Dragon Ball franchise for years to come.

Does Goku’s power level exceed 9000?

The power level of son goku is an iconic phrase that has been immortalized in the manga and anime series. It is a testament to the strength and determination of the character, and has become a rallying cry for fans of the series. Son Gokus power level is a symbol of his courage and determination to protect the world from evil. His power level is a reminder that no matter how powerful the enemy, with enough courage and determination, anything is possible. Son Gokus power level is a reminder that no matter how difficult the challenge, with enough courage and determination, anything is possible.

What is the power level of Goku when he is in Ultra Instinct form?

Ultra instinct gokus power level is incredibly difficult to measure, but it is clear that it is far beyond the 9000 power level that is often referenced in popular culture. This power level is so great that it is almost impossible to comprehend, and it is likely that it will continue to increase as Goku continues to master the Ultra Instinct form. With this immense power, Goku is able to take on some of the strongest opponents in the universe and come out victorious.

What is the strongest ability of Goku?

Gokus super saiyan blue kaioken is a powerful form that has been long awaited by fans. With the combination of God Ki and Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is able to reach a level of power that was previously thought to be impossible. This form is sure to be one of the strongest forms Goku has ever achieved and will be a contender for his strongest form as of 2021.

Does Kefla transform into a Super Saiyan?

Keflas ability to combine caulifla and kales super saiyan 2 forms and then transform into a super saiyan 2 when faced with gokus ultra instinct sign state is a testament to her strength and determination. She is a powerful fighter who is not afraid to take on any challenge.

Keflas transformation into a Super Saiyan 2 in the face of Gokus Ultra Instinct Sign state is a powerful display of her strength and courage. She is a formidable opponent who is not afraid to take on any challenge. Her ability to combine Caulifla and Kales Super Saiyan 2 forms is a testament to her power and determination.

Which character is more powerful than Ultra Instinct Goku?

Hercules is an incredibly powerful olympian god of strength, and his strength is unmatched by any other being in the universe. His strength is so great that he could potentially match and even overpower Ultra Instinct Goku in terms of pure strength. Hercules is a Half-God, making him nigh-omnipotent and invulnerable to almost anything. He is a force to be reckoned with and is a powerful figure in the world of gods and heroes.


Goku and Kefla's power levels are both incredibly impressive, and it is clear that they are both powerful warriors. While Goku has the advantage of having trained for years and having access to the Super Saiyan transformation, Kefla has the advantage of being a fusion of two powerful Saiyans. Ultimately, the outcome of their battle is uncertain, as both fighters have the potential to be incredibly powerful. It is clear that the battle between Goku and Kefla will be an epic one, and it will be exciting to see who will come out on top.