Female Response To How’S It Hanging – I Totally Love

What is the origin of the phrase “how’s it hanging”?

Eric partridges dictionary of catch phrases: american and british, from the sixteenth century to the present day provides an interesting insight into the evolution of language and the way in which certain phrases have been used to refer to the same thing over time. His inclusion of phrases that mean “Hows your sex life?” is particularly interesting, as it shows how the language of the 1920s was often quite “low” and direct in its references to the male organs. This is a fascinating look into the history of language and how it has changed over time.

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Overall, female response to the phrase "how's it hanging" is largely negative. Women often find the phrase to be offensive and inappropriate, as it implies a sexual connotation. Women are more likely to respond to the phrase with a negative reaction, such as anger or discomfort. It is important to be aware of the implications of this phrase and to avoid using it in conversation with women. Respectful communication is key to creating a positive and comfortable environment for everyone.