Does Rihanna Sing Under The Influence – I Totally Love

What is the name of the girl in the Under the Influence music video?

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Does Rihanna have an affinity for Chris Brown?

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Are Rihanna and Chris Brown still friends?

Rihanna and chris brown have both come a long way since their tumultuous past. They have both publicly stated that they have moved on and are now friends. This is a testament to their growth and maturity as individuals, and it is a positive example of how two people can move past a difficult situation and still remain on good terms. It is a reminder that it is possible to forgive and move on, and that it is possible to have a healthy relationship with someone even after a difficult experience.


In conclusion, Rihanna is a talented singer and songwriter who has achieved great success in her career. While she has been known to sing under the influence of alcohol, she has never been known to perform while intoxicated. Rihanna is a professional who takes her craft seriously and works hard to ensure that her performances are of the highest quality. She is an inspiration to many and her music continues to be enjoyed by fans around the world.