Does MyCareer Transfer to Next Gen in 2K23? Explained

The anticipation for the release of NBA 2K23 is growing among basketball and gaming enthusiasts alike. As players have invested countless hours into building up their MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K22, one burning question arises: will all their hard work and progress transfer over to the next installment? When it comes to MyCAREER builds and progress, 2K Sports has followed a consistent approach in the past – progress doesn’t typically carry over from one game to the next. However, there’s a glimmer of hope for players looking to bridge the gap between generations. It’s expected that earned VC, the in-game currency used to enhance players' attributes and overall performance, will be transferrable between the current-gen and next-gen versions of the same console, similar to how it functions in NBA 2K22. This would allow players to at least retain their hard-earned virtual currency and carry it forward into their NBA 2K23 journey. While it may not be a full transfer of progress, the ability to continue investing in their MyCAREER player with earned VC provides a small reassurance for avid gamers looking to make the transition to the next iteration of the acclaimed basketball video game franchise. As the release of NBA 2K23 approaches, players eagerly await official announcements and details from 2K Sports regarding any potential advancements or changes in the MyCAREER transfer process, keeping their fingers crossed that their efforts won’t go in vain.

Will My MyPlayer Transfer From PS4 to PS5 2K23?

So, if youre planning to upgrade from a PS4 to a PS5 and continue playing NBA 2K, you might have to start your MyPlayer journey all over again in NBA 2K2This can be a bit disappointing for players who’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort to build up their players abilities and achievements.

It’s important to note that this is purely speculative based on the patterns and practices of 2K Sports. The company hasn’t officially announced whether MyPlayer progress will transfer from NBA 2K22 to NBA 2K2However, looking at previous releases, the odds aren’t in favor of a transfer.

That being said, there might still be some silver lining for players who’re making the transition from current-gen to next-gen consoles. In NBA 2K21, 2K Sports allowed players to transfer their Virtual Currency (VC) between the two versions of the game on the same console. This was a welcome feature for players who’d invested a significant amount of real money into VC.

While it’s not confirmed, it’s reasonable to assume that 2K Sports will continue to allow players to transfer earned VC from NBA 2K22 on PS4 to NBA 2K23 on PSThis would at least alleviate the financial investment players have made and allow them to continue building up their player without starting from scratch in terms of currency.

However, players can expect to be able to transfer their earned VC between the current-gen and next-gen versions of the game, just like in previous releases. While it may be disappointing to start from scratch in terms of progress, at least financial investments made in VC can be carried over to the new game.

Are There Any Alternative Basketball Video Games That Offer MyPlayer Progress Transfer Between Console Generations?

  • 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series
  • EA Sports’ NBA Live series
  • Madden NFL series
  • FIFA series
  • Pro Evolution Soccer series
  • Rocket League
  • Street Basketball Association


However, based on past patterns, it’s unlikely that progress will carry over.