Does Current Gen Have a Dunk Meter? 2K23

In the thrilling world of basketball video games, the NBA 2K series has long held a prestigious place, enchanting gamers with it’s realistic simulation of the beloved sport. As each iteration unveils new features and enhancements, players find themselves eagerly exploring the latest innovations to enhance their gaming experience. When it comes to pulling off jaw-dropping slam dunks during exhilarating drives to the rim, the NBA 2K23 brings forth a game-changer that’s fans buzzing – the dunk meter. Serving as the virtual counterpart to the shot meter, this invaluable tool holds the key to executing awe-inspiring slam dunks with finesse and precision. By harnessing the power of timing and finesse, players can masterfully navigate the virtual court, savoring those electrifying moments when their avatars soar through the air, defying gravity with their thunderous slams. With the dunk meter at their disposal, unexpected excitement and adrenaline fuel each game, leaving players hungry for more. As the boundary between the virtual and real basketball worlds continues to blur, NBA 2K23's dunk meter stands as a testament to the boundless innovation and immersion that this iconic franchise never fails to deliver.

How Do You Use the Dunk Meter in 2K23 Current Gen?

The dunk meter in NBA 2K23 on current gen consoles is a useful tool that greatly enhances your ability to finish dunks with style and efficiency. One popular dunk move is the flashy dunk. To execute this move, you need to drive towards the rim while holding the turbo button. Once you reach the intended spot for the dunk, flick the right stick down, and after that, quickly press and hold it up. This will trigger your player to perform a flashy dunk, showcasing their athleticism and style.

Similar to the flashy dunk, you need to drive towards the rim while holding the turbo button. Then, flick the right stick up.

The effectiveness of each dunk move depends on various factors, such as the players dunking attributes, the defenders positioning, and the timing of the execution.

Mastering the use of the dunk meter can greatly improve your performance on the court, allowing you to score with confidence and creativity. By utilizing the flicks and holds of the right stick, you can unleash a wide range of dunking abilities that will keep your opponents on their toes.

In addition to the small contact moves mentioned earlier, NBA 2K22 requires players to meet certain ratings criteria to successfully execute slam dunks. These specific requirements include a driving dunk rating of 92 or higher, a standing dunk rating of 90 or higher, a vertical rating of 80 or above, and a height of at least 6’10”. Meeting these minimum thresholds will enable players to unleash impressive slam dunk maneuvers in the game.

What Is the Minimum to Dunk in 2k22?

In NBA 2K22, the minimum requirements for executing a dunk are more demanding than ever. The game has implemented specific ratings that players must meet in order to successfully perform slam dunk moves. However, it’s worth noting that smaller contact moves may still be executed with lower ratings.

To pull off those breathtaking dunks, your players attributes need to be up to par. The first crucial rating is driving dunk, which must be at least 92 or higher. This rating reflects your players ability to perform acrobatic dunks while moving towards the basket with momentum.

Additionally, players must have a standing dunk rating of 90 or above. This stat measures your players ability to execute dunks when not in motion, such as through a post-up move or catching a lob pass near the rim.

The vertical rating plays a vital role in determining the success of your dunks. It’s essential to have a vertical rating of at least 80 or higher, as it directly influences how high your player can leap and attack the rim.

Finally, your players height is another factor to consider when attempting slams. To have a better chance of dunking, your player must be at least 610″ tall or even taller. Having greater height can give you an advantage in reaching the rim and overpowering defenders.

Taking all of these requirements into account, players will need a well-rounded skillset to pull off the impressive dunks that NBA 2K22 has to offer. So, if you want to dominate the court with thunderous slams, make sure your player meets these particular ratings and height prerequisites.

Tips and Strategies for Increasing Driving Dunk Ratings in NBA 2K22

To improve your driving dunk ratings in NBA 2K22, you can focus on several tips and strategies. First, work on increasing your player’s speed and acceleration attributes, as these directly impact your ability to drive to the basket. Additionally, practice controlling your player’s movements by using effective dribble moves to create space and evade defenders. Utilize pick-and-roll plays to take advantage of the screens set by your teammates, allowing you to gain a better path to the rim. Furthermore, consider selecting a player build that specializes in driving dunks, as this will provide you with more favorable attributes and animations. Finally, consistently upgrade your player’s attributes through the in-game training system to further enhance your driving dunk ratings. By combining these techniques, you can become a more dominant force when attacking the rim in NBA 2K22.


Unlike it’s counterpart, the shot meter, the dunk meter focuses solely on completing electrifying slam dunks as players drive towards the rim. This intuitive feature not only brings an added level of realism to the game but also adds an element of skill and precision to executing jaw-dropping dunks. By incorporating the dunk meter, 2K has catered to the desires of gamers who relish in the satisfaction of successfully executing high-flying slams.

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