Can You Get Contact Dunks With Silver Posterizer? 2K23

One of the most coveted aspects is the ability to perform contact dunks, where the player fearlessly attacks the rim with full force, overcoming adversaries and delivering poster-worthy dunks. In the popular video game, NBA 2K23, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their in-game performance, including unlocking the contact dunk feature. However, amid the pursuit of greatness, an intriguing question arises – can one attain contact dunks with the aid of a silver-rated badge called 'Posterizer'? This analysis delves into the mechanics of NBA2K23, exploring the potential impact of silver-level Posterizer badge on unlocking the exhilarating world of contact dunks, engaging players in a quest to redefine basketball dominance in the virtual realm.

What Do You Need in 2K22 for Contact Dunks?

To start, you need to ensure that your player has a high driving dunk rating. Without a decent driving dunk rating, it becomes significantly harder to trigger contact dunks. In order to consistently get those flashy slams, your player needs to have a driving dunk rating of at least 84 for Pro Contact Dunks, or a driving dunk rating of 92 for Elite Contact Dunks.

Once your player meets the driving dunk requirements, you’ll need to equip the appropriate contact dunk packages. These packages are essential for initiating those powerful, rim-shaking contact dunks. The specific dunk animations you choose can greatly impact your success in triggering them.

Equipping the Posterizer badge is also vital for increasing your chances of converting contact dunks. This badge enhances your players ability to finish at the rim through contact, making it a valuable asset to have when looking to dominate in the paint.

Timing and positioning play a crucial role in successfully executing contact dunks. It’s important to learn how to properly approach the rim and time your jump in order to maximize the chance of making contact with the defender and triggering the animation.

Additionally, having a strong build and appropriate physical attributes can greatly aid in getting contact dunks. Players with high strength and vertical attributes tend to have an easier time overpowering defenders and rising above them for those impressive slams.

Overall, to consistently achieve contact dunks in NBA 2K22, you need a combination of a high driving dunk rating, appropriate contact dunk packages, the Posterizer badge, well-timed jumps, and proper positioning. Mastering these elements will allow you to dominate the paint and leave defenders in awe as you throw down thunderous contact dunks game after game.

When it comes to unlocking those jaw-dropping elite contact dunks in the highly anticipated game 2K23, there are specific requirements that players need to meet. For players aiming to achieve the prestigious Elite Contact Dunks off One, a Driving Dunk rating of 92 or higher coupled with a Vertical rating of 85 or above is paramount. On the other hand, aspiring Pro Bigman Contact Dunkers should strive for a minimum Driving Dunk rating of 80, while ensuring their player stands tall above 6’10”. Now, let’s dive deeper into the fascinating world of high-flying dunks in 2K23.

How Much Driving Dunk Do You Need for Elite Contact Dunks in 2k23?

In the world of basketball video games, the pursuit of executing jaw-dropping, high-flying dunks is a common desire for many players. In the latest installment of the beloved NBA 2K series, 2K23, the requirements for achieving elite contact dunks have evolved. To be capable of executing these mesmerizing maneuvers, one must possess a potent combination of attributes, mainly focusing on driving dunk and vertical.

To unlock the elusive Elite Contact Dunks off One, a player must first ensure their driving dunk attribute reaches a minimum of 9This statistic measures the players ability to execute powerful, aggressive dunks while attacking the basket. Additionally, a vertical attribute of 85 or above is vital to complement the driving dunk prowess. Vertical measures the players ability to leap off the ground, providing the necessary lift and hang time required to showcase those gravity-defying dunks.

For those choosing to embark on the path of a dominant bigman, specific criteria must be met to acquire the Pro Bigman Contact Dunks. Firstly, the driving dunk attribute mustn’t fall below 80, granting the player the necessary foundation to pulverize the rim. However, size also plays a crucial role in unlocking these punishing dunks. The player must stand at a towering height of 610″ or above, emphasizing the advantages that come with being a towering presence in the paint.

These requirements bring forth fascinating strategic elements to the game. As players strive to achieve these elite dunks, an emphasis on carefully selecting attributes during their players creation becomes paramount. Balancing driving dunk, vertical, and size will determine the effectiveness and ability to intimidate opponents with thunderous slams.

Tips and Strategies for Leveling Up the Driving Dunk Attribute in NBA 2K23

  • Start by equipping a player with a high dunk rating and good speed.
  • Practice timing your dunks in various game modes to improve your accuracy and success rate.
  • Participate in drills and challenges that focus on dunking to earn extra points and improve your attribute.
  • Utilize pick and roll plays to create opportunities for driving to the hoop and attempting dunks.
  • Upgrade your player’s badge attributes that are related to dunking to enhance your performance.
  • Study the tendencies and defensive strategies of opposing players to exploit their weaknesses and make successful dunks.
  • Watch tutorials and gameplay videos of experienced players to learn advanced dunking techniques.
  • Consider adjusting your player’s height, weight, and wingspan to optimize dunking potential.
  • Engage in practice sessions to increase your player’s overall athleticism, as higher attributes contribute to better dunking abilities.
  • Experiment with different dunk animations to find the ones that work best for your playstyle.


While some players claim success with this badge, it ultimately depends on individual playstyle, attributes, and other factors. The absence of a conclusive answer raises the need for further exploration and testing within the gaming community. It’s crucial to engage in constructive discussions and share personal experiences to better understand the potential effectiveness of silver "Posterizer" in obtaining contact dunks. Only through collaboration and continued experimentation can we collectively unravel the mysteries of this game mechanic.